Amazing MAGP Result – Result 3000 grafts for hairline and decreased hair density

Problem – Frontal baldness . patient had aleardy existing hair so high density was required in hairline and back areas just needed supplementation

Plan – Plan of total 3000 grafts by MAGP Technique was made by Dr Akhilesh Jangid

After HT

3000 grafts were implanted by MAGP Technique by Dr Akhilesh Jangid at AKESO Clinic , DELHI , INDIA to make a new hairline and increase the density of hair

Result after 8 months of MAGP Hair transplant

You can see the great hairline and completely natural result

Get the best hair transplant in India at AKESO Clinic , Delhi . We provide high density hair transplant with reliable results . Results are amazing if your donor area is good and no unfavorable factors . You can book an consultation by calling or whatsapp +91 9643262600

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