Treating advance Baldness – Norwood grade 5 , 6 and 7

Treating advance baldness – Grade 5 , 6 , 7 Norwood

Suffering from advance baldness is a depressing thing for majority. Still many don’t opt for hair transplant as they have doubts on safety of procedure, results and their sustainability. Good news is that you can opt for hair transplant up to grade 6 and 7 also . For grade 6 and 7 cases, body hair transplant from beard or chest is required. Below given is a plan for grade 6 patient with average density. As you can see that Patient requires around 6000 grafts for average density assuming that he will keep a hair style which will be 3 – 4 inch long hair.

Immediately next question which will arise in your mind

Q1.How it can be covered?

Q2. Can it be done in one stage? if done in one stage what will be density ?

Q3. From where so much grafts will come?

Q4. What will be cost of this surgery?

Lets solve these questions by help of following facts

  1. FUE / MAGP / DHT from Scalp Back and Sides – depending on donor area , we can harvest 3000 – 4000 grafts from you scalp (head)
  2. FUT from Scalp – 2500 – 3500 grafts
  3. Combination of FUE / MAGP / DHT with FUT – Can give 4500 – 5500 grafts
  4. From beard – 500 – 1500 grafts depending on density of beard
  5. From chest or body – 500 – 2500 grafts – Chest hair are used only if they are thick . There are chances of visible scars on chest.
  6. Combination of FUE / MAGP / DHT from scalp with beard or chest hair – 3000 – 5000 grafts depends on density of hair on different parts

Now you have following options for you

Option 1 – Get a FUE / MAGP / DHT for new hairline and front areas – 3000 – 4000 grafts . Get crown (back) area transplant after 9 – 12 months by Body hair transplant or FUE from scalp again if donor area allows that.

Option 2 – Go for only FUT for hairline and front areas , FUE/ MAGP / DHT after 9 months

Option 3 – Get a FUT hair transplant at present along with FUE / MAGP / DHT – 4500 – 5500 grafts – gives good density in front and backness in back areas

Option 4 – FUE / MAGP / DHT from For front areas and hair line . Beard or body hair for crown areas

Number of graft available will vary from person to person

Cost of this hair transplant

Cost will depend on method of graft harvesting and Number of grafts. Procedures involving FUT and normal FUE will be cheaper. Procedures involving MAGP / DHT or body hair transplant will be expensive. Cost may range from 1 lakh to 3 lakh depending on number of grafts and method.