Mr Anuj – MAGP Hair Transplant AMAZING Result

Mr Anuj presented with Hair loss in the front area. He had lost his hairline completely and no definition of hairline and bald area. He decided to do hair transplant with MAGP technique. His hair transplant was done in Nov 2016. The following are pre operative photographs of Mr Anuj.

Before Hair transplant Photographs

After hair transplant day 3

Mr Anuj got a haigh density hair transplant in the front areas and nice hair line was given to him .

Result after 6 months of hair Transplant

You can see below a nice hairline with completely natural look and feel. You can see the good density in the front area.

Mr Anuj is happy man now. We at AKESO believe in transformation of life through our efforts. AKESO hair transplant is one of best places to get Hair transplant in INDIA. Dr Akhilesh Jangid is leading Hair transplant surgeon in INDIA who has made his own technique AKESO MAGP which is 2.5 – 4 times more precise than FUE and DHT in harvesting of grafts. Results are 15 – 20 % better than FUE or DHT .

Amazing MAGP Result – Result 3000 grafts for hairline and decreased hair density

Problem – Frontal baldness . patient had aleardy existing hair so high density was required in hairline and back areas just needed supplementation

Plan – Plan of total 3000 grafts by MAGP Technique was made by Dr Akhilesh Jangid

After HT

3000 grafts were implanted by MAGP Technique by Dr Akhilesh Jangid at AKESO Clinic , DELHI , INDIA to make a new hairline and increase the density of hair

Result after 8 months of MAGP Hair transplant

You can see the great hairline and completely natural result

Get the best hair transplant in India at AKESO Clinic , Delhi . We provide high density hair transplant with reliable results . Results are amazing if your donor area is good and no unfavorable factors . You can book an consultation by calling or whatsapp +91 9643262600

See amazing transformation of Mr Shailesh – Hair transplant by MAGP

Mr Shailesh got hair transplant at AKESO in August 2016 . 4000 grafts were done by MAGP method to give him a new hair line. Hair transplant was done at AKESO clinic , Delhi by Dr Akhilesh Jangid.

See the journey by seeing below images


Images just after HT – 4000 graft were taken afrom back and side of head and have been place to create new hair line and dense front area

Images after 15 days of HT are given below

See The amazing result of MAGP HAIR TRANSPLANT After 9 months below

Image 1 – After 9 months

Image 2 – After 9 months


Image 3 – after 9 months

Image 4 – after 9 months

Result Of 5000 Grafts FUE

Result Of 5000 Grafts FUE

The patient got his hair transplant by FUE technique for 5000 grafts done by plastic surgeon Dr Akhilesh Jangid in june 2015 . See the transformation after 8 months . We are happy to help u transform youself .


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