FUE Technique

FUE stands for Follicle Unit Extraction which is also called stichless, scarless, cutless technique.

In this technique the Follicular units are extracted with help of 0.8 mm – 1 mm  diameter punches  from  the donor area (that is back and side of your head) .

The individual follicular units are transplanted into bald area after extraction.

For good hair we need to go for more grafts.

This is a day care procedure and it needs 7-8 hours to complete this whole procedure.

Extraction of Follicles

Follicles are extracted from permanent zone(back and side) so transplanted hair don’t fall in future.

FUE Donor site before hair transplant

FUE Donor site before hair transplant

Extraction of 2400 FU from donore area. Photo just after hair transplant in Hair Transplant room.

FUE donor area after harvest of 2400 follicles

FUE donor area after harvest of 2400 follicular units

Extraction area photo after two days of his Hair Transplant.


Same Patient After 2 days of FUE hair transplant

Same Patient After 2 days of FUE hair transplant

After 7 days of FUE

After 7 days of FUE

After 20 days of FUE Hair Transplant

After 20 days of FUE Hair Transplant


Hair are arranged in groups called Follicular units . A follicular unit  has mostly 2 or 3 hairs . Very few follicular units have 1 or 4 hair . On an Average 1000 FU = 2500 Hair . It May increase upto 2800 – 3000 hair when units of 3 hair are more , It can be 2000 – 2300 also if the units containing 2 hair are more than follicular units containing 3 hair.

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Hair Follicular units extracted by FUE

Implantation of Follicles

We do dense packing of hair follicles which is neccssary to get hair transplant results.

FUE after Follicular Imaplantion

FUE after Follicular Hair Transplant in AKESO Clinic Procedure room

The Advantages of FUE

1. No Knife , No Cut by blade

2. No stitching is  required so no hassle of suture removal

3. No post op day loss

4. Avoid of complication of scar like scar hypertrophy etc.

5. Day care surgery.

6. No Admission is required

7. No unconsious state is required as procedure is done by giving local anesthesia to scalp only. You can talk, listen music, watch tv while your hair transplant procedure is going on.

Disadvantages of FUE over FUT

1. Overall time of procedure is slightly more (About 25 – 30 % ) than FUT

2. The shortening of hair is required to perform procedure .(Shortening in required in FUT also but only for strip which is taken out and suturing is done , so no one can know that you have undergone under knife.