Are you taking quotations from various doctors and clinic for your hair transplant?

Want to know the hair transplant cost in Delhi?

Before proceeding kindly read this information as it will help you determine the clinic. 

Patient remains confused that why there is so much cost difference in number of hair transplant clinics . There must be more than 1500 clinics in India claiming to do hair transplant. Beside these clinics there are more than 1000 doctors who claim to be expert in doing the procedure . Are there so many Experts of hair transplant or hair transplant is very easy procedure to do ?

Cheating Practice going on in India and Turkey

Cheating No 1. –

Every doctor claims to be expert

Only few doctor are experts in hair transplant , they hire assistants to assist them in steps of hair transplant . Gradually these assistants learn to do hair transplant . One expert doctor has 5 – 10 assistants , each of them is trained to assist in certain step of hair transplant. As one assistant does not know entire steps of hair transplant, They make a team so that each one in that team performs the step which he has been trained to perform by expert doctor.

These assistants start to perform surgical steps themselves instead of doctor.  Donor area damage is more than twice to get same kind of density and result than expert doctors . Further the partial transaction rate of these assistant crosses limits and you get 30 – 50 % less dense hair transplant while damage to donor area is more .

These teams are hired by various hair transplant companies and doctors all over India to do hair transplants. Even most prestigious hospitals in India have doctors who get it performed by these assistants team. When these teams do hair transplant then Doctors job is just roaming in operation theater at regular intervals . So three four hair transplants are being done simultaneously by same doctor .  Suddenly hair transplant is done at amazing rates in 100 clinics and even in hair cutting saloons in one city. Actually there are only 10 – 20 doctors who are expert in doing hair transplant it but these assistant teams enable 100 doctors for hair transplant in the city . Patient thinks that he has 100 options and they call various clinic and start accumulating quotes for his hair transplant .

Solution :- Always ask doctor name and qualifications before giving any advance amount to clinic. Check degrees and qualification of doctor . only Plastic Surgeons and dermatologists can do hair transplant. Always inquire that what steps doctor will perform himself in your hair transplant ? Generally counselling , harvesting of grafts and slit or pattern making process has to be done by plastic surgeon only .


Cheating no 2 . 

Inexperience doctors or less qualified doctors operate you .

Do you show your teeth to plastic surgeon ?

Answer is no . because there is a doctor who has been trained to treat dental diseases called the dentist. But various hair transplant companies hire Ayurveda doctors , homeopathic doctors , dentist , MBBS doctors to do hair transplant as they take much lower salary in comparison to plastic surgeons. These companies do 20 – 30 cases by proper doctor and Get few results. They then just use their  results photographs to lure patients to their clinic to be operated by under qualified doctors.

Who is the proper doctor to perform hair transplant . According to medical council of India , Hair transplant should be performed by Doctor holding M.Ch. in plastic Surgery. You can file RTI yourself also to check this.

Solution :- Always ask doctor name and qualifications before giving any advance amount to clinic.

Cheating No. 3 

Giving unlimited graft offer without telling number of grafts and area .

To fit transplant in your budget the companies manipulate the graft requirement . Suppose you have grade 6 baldness and requirement of 5000 grafts but a clinic has graft rate of Rs 25 and clinic recognizes that your budget is just 75000 , they quote you unlimited grafts to cover the total area. It is just simply done to prevent patient to go into discussion for number of grafts so that they can convince the patient for hair transplant.

Cheating no 4 

Explaining the package in terms of hairs or follicle .

Few doctor / clinic / company charge you per hair or per follicle instead of graft . They explain you that one graft has 2 – 4 hair and 2000 graft have 6000 hair . This is entirely wrong . On average on 30 % grafts have 3 hair , 40 % have two hair and 25 % have single hair , only 5 % grafts have 4 – 5 hair . On average 2000 grafts have 4000 – 5000 hair .

Cheating no 5 

Advertise as Robotic hair transplant

Only robot available in world to perform hair transplant is ARTAS. ARTAS also cannot perform it without assistance of a trained plastic surgeon. ARTAS results are much lower than expert surgeons right now. It may be for patients who has fascination of technology but ARTAS hair transplant is not superior to any expert plastic surgeon. There is no clinic in INDIA at present having ARTAS which costs more than Rs 2 crore .

There are certain vaccum assisted devices like SAFER ( Neograft ) , FUETOR , HARTS etc which are vaccum assisted devices for extraction used for powered FUE . Various studies have indicated that vaccum assisted devices actually dehydrate the grafts and hair transplants fail because of drying of grafts . But to make an advantage in marketing their hair transplant center they call these machine ROBOT and term ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT .

Cheating no 6

Delivering lesser no of grafts .

The clinic will explain you package of 3000 or unlimited grafts at very lucrative rates and then put just 1000 – 1500 grafts . Many times in a bid to prove their promise they cover very big areas by very small number of grafts. Result is very futile and sometime patient think that he was better looking before hair transplant itself