See amazing transformation of Mr Shailesh – Hair transplant by MAGP

Mr Shailesh got hair transplant at AKESO in August 2016 . 4000 grafts were done by MAGP method to give him a new hair line. Hair transplant was done at AKESO clinic , Delhi by Dr Akhilesh Jangid.

See the journey by seeing below images


Images just after HT – 4000 graft were taken afrom back and side of head and have been place to create new hair line and dense front area

Images after 15 days of HT are given below

See The amazing result of MAGP HAIR TRANSPLANT After 9 months below

Image 1 – After 9 months

Image 2 – After 9 months


Image 3 – after 9 months

Image 4 – after 9 months

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