Today we will discuss how to plan hair transplant for yourself.

Before Hair transplant planning

Before you are ready to do a hair transplant you have to be sure about few things

1. Smoking – If you are smoker then quit smoking about 2 weeks prior to hair transplant

2. Condition of hair loss – If you are getting severe hair loss at present then you have to control this hair loss before getting hair transplant . This hair fall control generally takes about one to three months with help of medicines. Kindly note that in any normal male, 50 – 100 hair are shed everyday and this much new hair are grown everyday . All our scalp hair have life of 3 – 5 years. So every hair on our scalp sheds after 3 – 5 years and new hair is grown. But as this process is going on everyday , we don’t realize it. You need to worry only when there is significant hair loss everyday.

3. Pre Existing Disease – If there is any pre existing disease like Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood pressure etc then they should be in control even if you are on medicines .

4. Age – Not a factor in front areas hair transplant . possible from age of 21 to age of 80 years . Crown areas are generally not done before age of  28 – 30 years .

5. No of grafts and density – Its always better to plan limited number of grafts in one session but few patient are deficient in time so we plan as big as 5000 grafts in single stage . Good doctors are not those who give maximum density , good doctors give you right density at right places to cover maximum area in one stage of hair transplant.

6. Choose your technique wisely – Technique may impact hair transplant result significantly

7. Choose a good doctor rather than a good hair transplant company – See previous results photo gallery patients operated by surgeon, , see degrees of doctor, see youtube channel of clinic , check reviews on multiple platforms to choose a good doctor. Good doctors delivers you nice natural hairlines . They give you hair angles which are just perfect. They keep good densities in hair line , Forelock areas , partition lines . And in other areas they do it with average density to cover maximum area in one session of hair transplant . They don’t waste grafts by putting them in high density in non vital areas. Because keeping high density everywhere requires very high number of grafts in a small area . So it is always better to keep high densities only in selective areas so that doctor can cover large areas with same number of grafts .

8. Leaves from office – Generally 4 – 5 days leave from office is recommended for any hair transplant upto 3000 grafts . For above that we recommend one week in hand. The leaves are required so that you can give adequate care to your newly implanted hair and giving adequate time to any possible swelling on your forehead or face after hair transplant.

9. Book a hair transplant date with clinic – Hair transplant is very long surgery. Every clinic or doctor have fixed slots in fixed dates. All good doctors have lot of hair transplant cases. You may not have a appointment on thursday and get the date of next day with a good doctor  . So its wiser to book your procedure date at least 15 – 30 days prior to your plan . Booking a date for hair transplant surgery requires advance deposit from your side (INR 20000 or 300 US dollar ) at AKESO Clinic , New Delhi , India . You can deposit advance by net banking , western union , money gram , swift transfer, wire transfer or cash deposit from your city in our Bank account .

10. Book Flights / Trains in advance – Generally we recommend you to reach one day prior to your surgery so that that you can have good sleep before surgery . You can leave delhi after 48 hours of your Hair transplant. So generally we recommend 3 – 4 days stay in Delhi , India for your hair transplant.

11. Books hotels in advance –   Kindly book your stay in nearby hotels . You can book hotels in EAST DELHI near PREET VIHAR or near CONNAUGHT PLACE in New Delhi , India . Few suggestions are Hotel JPS Residency ,  hotel Woodapple Residency , Maharaja Residency, hotel Clarks , Hotel Raddison blu ( Kaushabi or patparganj ), Hotel Park plaza (Shahdara) ,Hotel Lalit. If you cheaper hotels then book hotels in Paharganj , New Delhi . Kindly don’t book any hotel in west delhi , south delhi or north delhi, Gurgaon , Noida.

12. Payment mode at AKESO – Most preferable mode for final payment is Net banking (NEFT / RTGS Transfer ) at our clinic. To Enable that kindly add our Bank account in your net banking beneficiary list about 5 days prior as some bank have limits to transfer money for 3 – 4 days . We do accept cheques but they must be cleared before morning of hair transplant. If your cheque is not cleared then you have to pay by cash or cards , we will refund you the amount when you cheque payments are deposited in our account. We accept credit cards with Mastercard or Visa  cards but there may be any limit on international spends in your credit card when u visit India. Kindly check that before relying on credit card payments . On credit card payment discounts are less and generally you have to pay 3 % more than net banking or cash payments. But if you are travelling to India first time , credit card is most safe option as currency conversion agents also charge heavy commission on currency exchange.

We do accept cash but its not preferable mode of payment .

During hair transplant

  1. Pain – usually of only 5 – 10 mins of pain occurs when we inject local anaesthesia to numb your scalp skin . After that everything is painless. At AKESO we use buffered anaesthesia solutions so pain is about one third in comparison to normal hair transplant clinics. As buffered solutions have very short shelf life so they are not sold in market by any company . We prepare fresh solution just 15 minutes prior to hair transplant to give you smooth feel . You can listen music during your hair transplant .
  2. Hospital admission – Not required in any case of hair transplant. You are completely conscious and can talk with the doctor during your hair transplant . You can leave within 15 minutes for your hotel or home after completion of hair transplant
  3. Duration of hair transplant – Depends on number of grafts , technique , doctors and staff expertise.

After hair transplant

  1. A dressing is done on back areas or donor area from where we have taken grafts . This dressing is removed after 2 days of Hair transplant
  2. No dressing is done on bald area where new grafts are implanted
  3. You have to keep the newly implanted hair moist with help of saline spray for about initial 4 -5 days
  4. There is possibility of swelling on your forehead area and face  just after hair transplant which can take 3 – 5 days to subside . Ice Packing is recommended for faster recovery from any kind of swelling.
  5. You can join office after 3  – 7 days ( depends on number of grafts and duration of hair transplant) of hair transplant when swelling is completely subsided.
  6. Shampoo is started after 2 days of hair transplant
  7. Your can bath normally everyday
  8. you can wear normal cap after 3 days of hair transplant
  9. No Smoking , alcohol , exercise for about 10 days to 2 weeks
  10. No swimming pool , Chlorinated water , Helmet or Direct sunlight exposure for 3 weeks
  11. You can use normal hair oil after 21 days of HT