Direct Hair Transplant is modification of FUE Technique. Read the FUE Technique first to understand this technique.

In Normal FUE

The Hairs are harvested from donor area and Kept in normal saline. Suppose 1500 grafts are planned for you . First these 1500 grafts will be harvested from your donor area and kept stored in normal saline / Plasma. This may require about 3 hours storage in saline / Plasma. After that the implantation of grafts is started in the bald areas. So every hair graft remains outside the body for 1 – 5 hours.

In Direct Hair Transplant

The hairs are harvested in same technique as FUE but every graft is implanted immediately or within 10 – 15 mins in the bald areas. So Grafts either doesn’t stay outside the body or even if speed of implantation is slow it has to be stored in saline or plasma for maximum 10 – 15 mins.

Advantage of Direct Hair Transplant

The Direct Hair Transplant is basically effort to minimize storage time of graft outside your body. It maximizes the chances of survival of all grafts over FUE where we usually calculate 2 % per hour as Death rate of grafts stored outside the body. Other advantage of Direct Hair Implantation is that the number of hair shedding initially after normal hair transplant decreases significantly and results are faster than normal FUE.