Basics of Hair Transplant

Here we are elaborating few points which will answer your most queries regarding hair transplant

1. The back and side hair of your head are permanent androgen resistant hair, they don’t get shed even at age of 80. Baldness will not be noticeable in these areas if we take less than 50 % of hair from these areas.
2. Hair are taken from the above areas and are transplanted into vertex and anterior scalp to make new hair line and cover all bald areas.
3. These transplanted hair remain permanent at new site also as they have been taken from permanent zone. They will not shed even at age of 70 – 80 years.
4. Transplanted hair start growing after 12 weeks of transplant and grow naturally all your life about 1 cm per month. After few time you can’t make out which hair was already there and which one is transplanted hair.

FUT Technique

1. Hair transplant is considered to be ‘minor out-patient surgery’, can take 4–8 hours and is usually performed using local anaesthesia on an out patient basis.  You can listen music , watch tv while your hair transplant is going on.

2. In FUT Technique a 2 cm wide strip of skin with hair is harvested from you scalp by cutting it with knife .

3. After harvesting the strip the donoar area is closed by stitches.

4. The stitches are usually removed in 10– 14 days.

5. Using ‘Trichophytic Closure’, the scar will be better concealed, as some hair will grow through the scar. The hairs surrounding the scar will conceal it, as long as they are not too short.

6. The harvested hairs are then cut into follicular unit micro-grafts ( 1-4 hair ) under magnification.

7. These grafts are then placed in the areas of hair loss (recipient area) with small, superficial needle holes or slits in the skin of the scalp.

8. Breaks are allowed during the surgery, for refreshments and visit to the rest room. At the end of the procedure, the donor site will have a small dressing and the transplanted area has no dressing.

Follicular Unit transplant

Follicular Unit transplant